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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Beginnings                Saturdays: 9am to 10am

New to yoga? This class is for you. We address some of the common questions associated with yoga. With a focus on safety, students will learn many of the basic poses and yoga concepts for starting a personal yoga practice.

Hatha Relaxed                     Tuesdays and Fridays: 9am to 10am

With a strong focus on connecting with the breath, students release tension in the body while exploring poses that strengthen. This class is perfect for those who want to take it a bit slower, or students practicing within their limitations.

Hatha Fundamentals              Mondays: 5:00pm to 6:00pm         

This class focuses on traditional poses, breath work, and posture alignment. It is appropriate for experienced yogis who are looking to fine-tune their practice, but is also welcoming to students who are early in their yoga experience and want to move to the next step.

Hatha for Me                          Call us to schedule a session!

A private session, custom tailored for you or your group’s needs. Take your practice to the next level, focus on a certain aspect, or just have fun!  Customize a personal session, or make it a group session. A perfect way to spend time with friends, families, and work groups.


$10 walk in

$45 for a five-class pass (passes are non transferable)

$80 for a ten-class pass (passes are non transferable)

Hatha for me (private session)  $60 plus $15 for each additional person

Yoga Studio Etiquette 

The yoga studio is a special kind of gathering place. In the spirit of community, and respect for each other, remember yoga is a practice in awareness: 

• Arrive ten to fifteen minutes before class begins. This gives you time to take off your shoes, store your belongings, and lay out your mat in the studio. 
•  While waiting for class to begin, it is customary to sit quietly or speak softly with your neighbor. Be mindful that other students may be relaxing or meditating.
•  Take off your shoes before entering the studio. And do not bring food or any drink other than water into the studio. This helps us keep the studio clean.
•  Avoid wearing perfume, essential oils, or products that have a fragrance. Some people are sensitive to these scents. Please keep your yoga mat clean and odor free. 
•  Place your mat in alignment with the length of the room, and be willing to adjust location to make room for others if the room fills up.  And, never walk on another person’s mat. 
•  If class has started, be mindful not to cause an interruption, especially if the class is in meditation. Sometimes, late arrivals cannot be accommodated. 
•  Tell your teacher about any injuries or special health conditions before class so that the teacher can make suggestions for adjustments, or poses to avoid. 
•  It’s best to bring your own yoga mat to class. This is especially important during cold and flu season. 
•  Leave cell phones outside the yoga studio. If you are on call or in an emergency situation, please let the teacher know so that we can accommodate you.

Through self-awareness, consideration of others, and respect for the studio space, we can create a special environment to enjoy and grow our yoga practice. 

Hatha Yoga - Come Home To Your Body

What most of us know as yoga is the practice of physical postures, or "asanas", that comprise one aspect of the philosophical system of yoga. These postures are designed to purify and open the many channels of our body, especially the spine, so that energy may flow freely.


The word hatha is also translated as “ha”, meaning sun and “tha”, meaning moon. This refers to the masculine and feminine aspects that reside in all of us. By balancing these aspects, we can develop strength and flexibility. Hatha yoga is a mindfulness practice. By practicing with awareness, without striving, without forcing, and accepting where we are in each moment, we can open to the innate healing wisdom of our body.


The joy of hatha yoga is the journey, and the self-discovery within that journey. Deepen your yoga practice with steadiness and ease as you explore the relationship of your breath to your body. Breath is how we mobilize the spaces in our body. Posture is how we stabilize our bodies in space.


The practice of yoga is experiential, that is what is appropriate for each individual body. It awakens us to the present.


We practice yoga, not as an athletic endeavor, but as a way to come home to our bodies.

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