What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage is the application of diverse manual techniques of touch and stroking to muscles and soft tissue to achieve relaxation, relieve pain and to improve a client’s well-being. There are many benefits to receiving massage therapy, some of which are: 

Muscle relaxation, Mental relaxation, Aids sleep, Facilitates communication, Releases emotions, Time for oneself, Revitalizing, Pain relieving, Lowers blood pressure, Stimulates circulation, Stimulates lymphatic drainage and Reduces edema



Meet Our Massage Practitioners

Jackie Beecher

Call Jackie at 828-400-9616 for an appointment

Jackie has extensive experience as a bodywork therapist, yoga practitioner and teacher. With the perfect synthesis of the art and science of massage therapy, Jackie uses an interesting blend of bodywork styles. Her work is skillful, compassionate and intuitive and truly embodies the body, mind, spirit approach to wellness.

NC Licensed  Massage and Bodywork Therapist  #1306
Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork #157107

(Also known as Pound d'Flesh:  Jackie is the official Massage Therapist of The Smoky Mountain Roller Girls.)

Jackie Beecher

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